I want to thank Kevin Campbell on his excellent Pre-Event Neuromuscular Therapy Massage three days before my WBF Lightweight Boxing match. My calves were a bit tight and were seizing up, from all the training I'd been putting in. The back of the shoulder-blades were also tight, from the last few weeks work. Kevin did a general treatment on the legs, back, neck and shoulders and worked especially on the calves and the rhomboid muscles (in between shoulder blades and spine) using various techniques. After the treatment the calves were loose, the slight pain in between the shoulder blades, were gone so it increased my flexibility in that area. My energy increased and the massage got rid of any knots and sore areas that I could easily have had, from all the sparring and bag-work. I went the 12 rounds, last Saturday for the WBF Lightweight Title and even though I lost on points; they admitted that this 40-year old, was the toughest opponent that Goodwin (25) had ever faced.

Even though I am so fit and train every day, the treatment definitely helped me in preparing for the fight. I would highly recommend Kevin Campbell for a treatment as he knows his stuff. He is a highly talented and a gifted Neuromuscular Therapist. He's highly motivated and a real professional. It's easy to tell, he wants the best for his clients.  

Oisin Fagan. Former Irish Light Welterweight and Oklahoma State Champion Boxer