Kevin has been treating me for maintenance sports massage for the last 6 months to prepare me for the Vienna Marathon on 23rd April 2017. My goal was to get sub 3 hours. My best time up till Vienna was 3 hours and 9 minutes in the London Marathon in 2015.  With Kevin's work and dedication during the treatments to loosen out any tight areas and help me recover quicker between training and stay injury free, I got a time of 2 hours 59 minutes..  I am so grateful for Kevin's treatments in helping me reach my goal and I would highly recommend him for his professional attitude, ability and enthusiasm. 

Colin Morrissey - Enterprise Account Manager SAP Dublin, Ireland

Kevin has worked with me for the last 3 years. A a result of his treatments I have been smashing pb’s in 5kms, 10km , half marathons and marathons. His effective techniques help my body recovery very quickly with the minimal amount of pain. Recently in 2015 April gone, I managed to bring my marathon times from 3.58 3 years ago, to an amazing 3.09, this is a huge achievement for me and I exceeded my own expectations. As a result of the massages I also have not been injured for 3 years, I would have no hesitation recommending Kevin for his Very High Standard Treatments.

Colin Morrissey  UKI Database and Technology Account Manager, Dublin, Ireland


With the treatment and massages that I received, I was able to compete at a high level even though the recovery time after sustaining my ankle injury was very short. Kevin Campbell is very meticulous and thorough in every detail when it comes to performing massages and because of his help, I was able to play free of pain.I highly recommend him for a Neuromuscular Therapy Treatment for anyone who wants to recover quicker from injury, increase range of movement and to be at their best physical condition in competitive action.

Olivia Applewhite - American Professional Basketball Player with The Waterford Wildcats Ladies National League Team, Ireland


I have been attending Kevin since September 2012. Because I do bodybuilding training 5 times a week, a vigorous sports massage is not a luxury but a necessity - particularly at the ripe old age of 43! I had been on the lookout for someone who specializes in this area & lo & behold I came across Kevin's advert in the Waterford Today newspaper. From the very first conversation with Kevin, I have found him to be a thorough gentleman who is absolutely passionate about his work. One of the areas he has been helping me with is flexibility & my trainer has noticed huge advances since I started treatments with Kevin - so much so, that he himself now attends Kevin & is singing his praises nearly as much as I have been!
I have had treatments by many both in Ireland & the United States but I can honestly say that Kevin's massages are the best I have ever had. I really look forward to my weekly treatments because of the benefits I experience. I am learning a lot from Kevin too about alternative medicine & he has recommended several successful remedies for various ailments I have had.
If you are looking for brilliant value for money and a 100% professional approach, then look no further than Kevin Campbell. Forgive the cliche, but there is no other way to describe Kevin other than "one in a million".
Treat yourself - book in with him now, and you will see what I mean.

Phil Brennan, South Kilkenny., Ireland


"I first made an appointment with Kevin after seeing his advert in a local newspaper.  Due to the nature of my work I am prone to "pick up/ on-load" an amount of negative energy, and therefore felt the need for a holistic massage to "un-load" and attain a level of flexibility, particularly in the neck/shoulder area.  On my first appointment I found Kevin to be extremely knowledgeable and professional with advice and treatments.  Since my first appointment in Nov 2012 I have had further treatments and I can/have recommend him and his female partner for a number and variety of value for money treatments which they offer."

Thomas, Psychotherapist, Waterford, Ireland


Dear Kevin,
I wanted to thank you again for the great treatment and service I received from you when I injured my back last year whilst gardening.  As a runner its really important that i good back health.  You helped me with all of the muscle pain and ensured I dealt with the injury properly.  I am happy to recommend you and your excellent work.

Adrienne Rutherford, Wicklow, Ireland


Both marathons I have run before I did suffer from muscle issues, I always thought it was the achilles and was amazed to find out(thanks to Kevin) it was the calf. This always hindered me as the mileage increased I seemed to hit a wall, the tightened muscle refusing to allow me to continue.
Consequently I was limited in what I could do, I had to extend rest periods a & decrease mileage exactly when I should have been increasing.
All I can say is this, I was in danger of dropping out as the muscles were refusing to allow me to do adequate training in the weeks coming up to the marathon. This was a very troublesome injury I really could not shake it, it was a very persistent hard to diagnose problem with the soleus muscle. After visiting Kevin my misdiagnosis was corrected & the massage & Biochemic Tissue Salts Recommendation allowed me to pile on the mileage in the week before the marathon. This wouldnt have been possible prior to visting Kevin. And the marathon was reasonably comfortable.

Thanks Kevin,

Adam, Dublin, Ireland


I have decided to take part in a marathon this year. In early stages of running I ran into some Achilles problems and was causing me issues for 2 or 3 weeks. I asked Kevin to treat this injury and within 2 days I was back running when before it was so painful to run.
After finishing the Dublin Marathon, Kevin provided me with a post race massage at our hotel which greatly helped in my recovery time. I was dealing with some knee and ITB issues prior to the race, and I was amazed at how good my knees and legs felt the days following the marathon. He was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an experienced therapist. 

Jennifer S. 


Kevin now regularly treats me and advises on salts that enhance my muscles and gives general advice. He is not afraid of going over the intended time slot and I always feel I get value from each treatment. I have already recommended Kevin to 3 of my friends, and thy too have returned back to Kevin. Keep up the good work !

Colin Morrissey (Enterprise Account Manager UK and Ireland, Database and Technology Group SAP)


I fell awkwardly a few weeks back and badly hurt my shoulder. When I asked around some of my friends for any recommendations on good Sports Massage Therapists, one name kept on cropping up- Kevin Campbell. So, I gave him a call and made an appointment. I was supposed to fight for another Irish title in April, but after the fall, I'd lost all hope, until I went to visit Kevin. He wasted no time and started to work on my shoulder immediately. He also prescribed Bio-chemic Tissue Salts, which aided greatly in the rehabilitation too and just a few weeks later, I was confident enough to reschedule the fight. The shoulder has been perfect, ever since- thanks to Kevin's knowledge and hard work. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with an injury, sports-person or not. He's dedicated, genuinely interested, hard-working, affective, professional and extremely personable.

Oisin Fagan, Irish Light Welterweight Champion & North American State Lightweight Champion, Dublin, Ireland


As a Leinster Senior League referee, I am conscious of maintaining a good standard of fitness and of avoiding injury. Receiving sports massages from Kevin helps me greatly in dealing with niggles and improving my flexibility. Getting treatments from Kevin is great value-for-money and an important part of my fitness routine."

Kevin Baneham - Leinster Senior Referee & Referee School of Excellence Graduate


I have been getting a few treatments off Kevin in both Sports Massage and Reiki Healing over the last few weeks. It has helped me immensely during my illness. The Reiki helped me to become more relaxed and revitalised. The Sports Massage has also helped the movement in my leg. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kevin Campbell and I will continue to go for mainteneance treatment when I can.

Joe Barry - Clontarf