Dr. Schuessler, a 19th Century physiological chemist and physicist, identified 12 'tissue salts' in every human cell. These salts are vital mineral constituents of the body, and, combined with organic substances in the body, they produce and maintain the health of human tissue cells. Deficiency of these cell salts could result in imbalance or illness.

Dr. Schuessler noted that if an individual was lacking in any of these cell salts, a loss of health occurred, and once the deficiency was corrected, the body could heal itself. Below is a list of the 12 salts and the imbalances they can help to correct.

Tissue/Cell Salts at a Glance:

  1. Calc. Flour.maintaining tissue elasticity, muscular weakness, poor circulation, dental decay, cracks in the skin, varicose veins and piles.
  2. Calc. Phos. - for general debility, impaired digestion, teething trouble and chilblains.
  3. Calc. Sulph. - for acne, spots, pimples, wounds that are slow to heal, and sore lips. A blood constituent.
  4. Ferr. Phos. - for bloodstream oxygenation, respiratory ailments, inflammations and congestions, throbbing headaches, feverishness and sore throats.
  5. Kali. Mur. - for minor respiratory problems, coughs, colds & children's feverish ailments (alternate with Ferr. Phos.).
  6. Kali. Phos. - for nerve soothing, nervous exhaustion, nervous indigestion, nervous headache & stress due to worry and excitement. Also known as the tissue salt to help the brain.
  7. Kali. Sulph. - skin ailments, disorders of the scalp, hair, nails & mucous membranes. Catarrh with sticky discharge.
  8. Mag. Phos. - for cramp, neuralgia, flatulence & spasmodic nerve pains; also chief remedy for baby's colic.
  9. Nat. Mur. - for dryness or excessive moisture in any parts of the body, watery colds, flow of tears & loss of smell & taste.
  10. Nat. Phos. - acidity, stomach upsets, heartburn and rheumatic tendency.
  11. Nat. Sulph. - for water retention, biliousness, liver symptoms & influenza. Also known as the liver salt.
  12. Silica - for impure blood, pus formation, boils, styes, brittle nails and lack lustre hair.